A perfect pitch.

When startups or little-known companies begin aiming to get into the media, there arises the question: How to write about your business and team in an engaging way and sound competent at the same time?

In other words, how to get your pitching Zen?

Well, here are some tips to build your perfect pitch.

➤ You need personalization

Carnegie used a great metaphor: “Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms”.

While building your pitch, think about the language of journalists, not just about how cool your project is. Why should you be listened to or read, and not just sent to spam?

Examine some previous articles of the journalists you need, find out what interests them.

➤ Don’t spam

A bulk of dates and long names is not what you need to say when you first meet somebody.

Imagine that you are on a date and your new friend immediately tells you the whole family story in detail. A little too much, huh?

It might be interesting in the future, but after such a meeting there are hardly any chances of continuing a relationship.

➤ Relevance, uniqueness, novelty — three keys to success

If you propose a topic that has already been described from every angle multiple times, what kind of response do you expect from journalists?

Everyone loves kittens, but they won’t get you very far.

One has to try hard to make some WOW material that is impossible to refuse. Moreover, media representatives should feel this WOW right away.

➤ Don’t waste time

No one loves boring 5-hour-long presentations. If your idea is brand new and multifaceted, use up to 400 words. They say that for a pitch of 150 words people can be idolized and worshiped. So be careful!

➤ Less arrogance

The abundance of terms and little-known abbreviations does not automatically show you as a great specialist. There is always a risk that the audience won’t understand or simply won’t feel like listening to another “genius” guy.

➤ Be honest and frank

Say openly what the material is really good for, what results it can give. If it’s a bit weird, just tell journalists why it should be like that.

To summarize the multi-letter stuff above: the ideal pitch is the one that is written in simple words, in an understandable language and is tailored for specific journalists. It should also be fresh and free of clichés.

Write comments if I forgot something



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Valeria Mingova

Valeria Mingova


PR Doctor. Areas of special interests: digital, blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, startups. Areas of expertise: PR, media relations.